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Jason's hair by sorachibbi56245624 Jason's hair :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 0 0
The Cloud Giant's Flying Powder
“How long until we get home?” Alpha—one of the many cloud giants that live in the sky—says to her husband, Bade, as they wiz through the sky with their flying powder.
“About three wind gusts more.” Bade replied impatiently. “I need to get another bag of flying powder from the angels, I can’t find mine anywhere.  And it’s so hard to force an angel to let me take its wings, even if they will grow back….” He grumbled angrily and continued to fumble around looking for it.
“Are you sure you didn’t leave the bag at the park where we were picnicking?” Alpha asked, trying to help her husband.
“Yes, I’m positive I didn’t leave it there!  I checked the grass.  I checked the trees in which we played hide-and-go-seek.  I checked the tree we climbed.  I checked everywhere to make sure we didn’t leave anything!!!!” Bade
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Dixson by sorachibbi56245624 Dixson :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 0 7 My YuGiOh GX Oc's by sorachibbi56245624 My YuGiOh GX Oc's :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 1 2 Friendships Jaden and Syrus by sorachibbi56245624 Friendships Jaden and Syrus :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 0 2 this is me 3 by sorachibbi56245624 this is me 3 :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 0 5 this is me2 by sorachibbi56245624 this is me2 :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 0 0 this is me 1 by sorachibbi56245624 this is me 1 :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 1 3
Shika's Troublesome Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day draws near, and Hidan and I have kept our relationship secret for about a whole year. We need to tell someone, or else, when they find out, things can become a real drag. Boy, this'll be really troublesome.
I decided I'm going to tell Kurenai first. I thought of stratagies of ways to tell her on the way up. But this wasn't like a battle; it was much morecomplicated so stratagizing wasn't much help.
I'm there already? Wow. Kurenai was outside, watching her little girl playing in the yard.
"Oh, hi Shikamaru." She smiled.
"Listen, Kurenai, I have to tell you something..." I puased nervously. "Ugh, this is such a drag!" I wispered in defeat. She nodded to tell me to continue. "I've... been dating someone.... for a year now, and never told you..."
"I know who it is. It's Ino isn't it?" Kurenai smiled.
"NO!" I exclaimed blushing wildly.
"I know, I was teasing. She couldn't keep a secret for a week to save her life." She replied with a laugh. "So who is it Shikamaru?" Her red
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My Friends and I by sorachibbi56245624 My Friends and I :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 1 6 Sammie by sorachibbi56245624 Sammie :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 2 2 Constant As Stars Above by sorachibbi56245624 Constant As Stars Above :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 1 10
A Secret Santa Gift
Secret Santa Gift                  
for animewiccan725
If you don't like NaruSasu don't read it.
Naruto Wen. 12/21
Oh yah! It's getting close to Christmas! Believe it! Friday there's going to be a party at Bushy Brows, and every one's invited.We're having a secret santa, and Lee had us draw names out of a bag for a person to get a gift for. Of course, I got Sasuke. What would he possibly want? Maybe some girly underwear. Ha ha! Jk!
The next day, Naruto did some "investigating" in Sasuke's room while he was gone. Sasuke's room was barely decorated. Talk about Christmas spirit. He needed more... cheer. Naruto got an idea and went back home. He got out a cookbook.
Naruto was glad he got these recipes for Sakura. He had all day to find the recipe he wanted to use and make it. It's the perfect gift.
Sasuke Thurs. 12/22
Lee should have thought about Neji and me with our special eyes
:iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 6 21
Look what I've found in the dictionary.... by sorachibbi56245624 Look what I've found in the dictionary.... :iconsorachibbi56245624:sorachibbi56245624 1 6
Mori Prologue: My Name and Story
A home-made story by me
Prologue: My Name and Story
I was orphaned at a young age. Well that's what I've been told. Here's the story that has been told to me:
She didn't know what started the fire with the charcoal-black smoke, but it blased at everything in the way. A woman by the Willa Shoga heard the baby cries coming from the window. She took a peek inside. She could not see anything but black surrounding a bright fire that burned uncontrollably in the room. She yelled for help and openned the window. The thick smoke flushed out, causing Willa and the people surrounding her to cough and choke. Willa still managed to yell out about the baby. Her husband, Rob, jumped into the window to save the young child.
The croud was silent until the man can back with the child in his arms. Everyone cheered, but the joy stopped as the burning house colapsed.
After the fire burned out, they searched through the ruins. There were no sighns or the parents, just ashes. Lots and lots of ashes. Ev
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:iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 7 9
Dark paradise REWRITTEN-Chapter 1

"Don't you think it's a bit late to go out?" Ty asked,grumpily as always. "It's never too late," Sky answered. "It can be dangerous," Ty stuck with his opinion. "Well in that case," Sky took out his phone and started scrolling on it. Then Mitch,who sat a few meters away took out his phone. "Yes,Mitch,Jason and I are being attacked by a bear." Mitch rolled his eyes "Okay,we'll just get a gun and kill it," he answered. Sky laughed. Then Tyler spoke up "I might agree with Ty though,going out at this hour it's dangerous." Ty looked at Tyler. The two of them didn't know each other so well. Tyler just moved in and was still getting to know everybody. "If you don't use a  condom while you're doing it you might get aids," Tyler said,rather concerned than sarcastic. Jason face palmed. "Tyler why," he mumbled in his hands. Sky was just laughing. "You know skymu isn't canon right?" He said in the end. "By the way you two act,anybody would
:iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 22 10
Fall Back Down [Nephriteshipping]
The school years almost over. Prom and all that other crappy stuff was over.
Except one thing.
Football before graduation.
I don’t like football. I mean I could just skip it, but there were two things;
1. I finally got a girlfriend.
2. My best friend is the quarterback of our school’s football team.
I sighed as I looked at the dark evening sky. After this, comes the stupid grauduation ceremony. Finally, I’m not a freshmen anymore! I’ve had the most worst year as a freshmen and I knew it. I nearly failed all my classes, my date was a total slut-
She’s very mean to make it nice.
Pretty much got bullied and tossed around.
I can’t wait to be a Sophmore.
My sister was driving the car and her name was Wakamei. She helped me go through all the high school bullsh!t, but that’s not the thing. She’s my sister who’s in COLLEGE. People will make more fun of me that way. Wakamei was like a mom and everyone would think I’m from element
:iconocfreedinosaur:OcFreeDinosaur 11 13
i've waited a long time.....(chooki x toxsa)
      toxsa's p.o.v
all day long girls had been surrounding chooki. i was beginning to get mad. actualy...mad's not the word....jelous. lately i had been feeling funny when i was around chooki. actualy it all started when i helped him get out of a funk that had gotten started when he lost all his good luck. it was becuase of a jynx cannon from this odd planet we warp to called coraton. when we're there we are the tenkai knights. its a long story and i wont go into it. it was actualy supossed to be me that should have gotten hit but chooki had saved me. it had been only fair that i helped him. but yeah ever since then i've been feeling funny around him. like when he smiles at me my cheeks feel hot,and my heart beats fast.....
"WAAH!" i snapped to attention and looked in front of me. "oh..sorry ceylan."
"did you even hear me at all?" he asked.
" sorry man."
ceylan looked over at chooki then he looked at me.
"is there something going on between you and c
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BOOKMARKS by Saltvenian BOOKMARKS :iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 24 12 The story of my life 7 by Saltvenian The story of my life 7 :iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 35 29 AskUs4 by Saltvenian AskUs4 :iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 46 14
Merome-Impossible(REWRITTEN)-chapter 1
this is new,better,rewritten,longer and sadder version of my old fanfic,Impossible
based of song Impossible by James Arthur
hope you enoy :)

My name is Mitchell Hughes. Most people,or,all the people I know call me Mitch. I'm a loner. I live alone in my little house. I survive on my own. But it's not like,I have no friends or something. I have my buddy Ryan,but he lives far away so I don't see him that often. I also meet a lot of passing by people who I get along with. Sometimes,I travel to the nearby village and buy some stuff there. So yeah,my life is pretty boring. But I'm okay with it. I mean,I do miss adventure in my life but I'd rather live a boring life,raising chickens than be murdered by an ender dragon.
 Another thing you should know about me is that I'm single. And it's been this way for a long time. I've never had somebody I could call 'love' or 'sweetheart' or something like that. But I'm okay with it. It does get a bit lonely here sometimes and sometimes,I get
:iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 6 6
Well I've been on the Internet too much and I should really go out and do stuff. Buuuuuuuuuuut as a yaoi fangirl, I do stuff for my amusement which is stuff like dis. Sites I usually like to be on a lot- YouTube and Tumblr. I need help on doing something productive ,~,
I suppose that SkyMU is real but not 100% sure
Reason 1. 
If you haven't seen the tweet he sent a couple weeks ago, it had said that he is bisexual. But the question is (from other loyal fans) who is he with?
Reason 2.
He's been hanging around with Jason for a while (I'm saying this because they and two other guys were in LA for I think about a week) [aka Adam's vlog and the two skits they did]
Reason 3.
(I blame myself for being on tumblr for too long) 
I found a link to Adam's Instagram by using tumblr, and I found short videos of him singing and it was including Jason in it too
:iconkoopa-doll:Koopa-Doll 37 45
SkyMU by Saltvenian SkyMU :iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 34 20
Say Something (Doudil40)
He blamed himself for what his friend was in. He ignored everyone’s desperate attempts to tell him otherwise, and holed himself in his room. The others banged on his door, shouting at him to come out and talk to them, but he knew what they would say. And it might be the truth, but he’d rather just blame himself.
Say something, I'm giving up on you
I'll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere I would've followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you
The only other time he’d be outside of his room is when he was at the hospital demanding to see him.  He did have to sneak past his friends, but that wasn't hard when they were banging on his door.
The doctor told him that it wouldn't matter if he saw him, since he never woke up. But they didn't understand what just seeing him would do. He wasn't even sure. Either way, he wanted to see the one he loved with all his heart. To h
:iconmoonahenabawsome:MoonaHenaBAwsome 18 40
To Stump a Troll - Doubdil Fanfiction
Sometimes Double wondered if he needed an eye doctor. His tendency of not noticing his own surroundings when Bodil is involved was really getting out of hand. Now that he finally noticed, he could hardly believe what he was seeing.
Since Daniel had gotten a lot better at walking around the house, Double knew there needed to be more safety measures around the house. He didn’t want to find Daniel fallen down the stairs bleeding or anything because he and Bodil couldn’t pay attention. He talked to SethBling about this so the redstone expert made some mechanisms that couldn’t be solved by a child.
After getting them, Double spent the rest of the day finding ways to baby proof the house. He made sure every door was locked with the new locks, padded the doorknobs and stair railings with wool and used some fence gates to block off the way to the basement. That evening, he clearly remembered telling Bodil that he baby proofed the house. Even though Bodil pretended to be disco
:iconhoshigirl21:hoshigirl21 14 0
fuck it all *throws sprinkles everywhere* by Saltvenian
Mature content
fuck it all *throws sprinkles everywhere* :iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 16 25
YES! by BonziBeloved YES! :iconbonzibeloved:BonziBeloved 9 16 The mother and her son by Saltvenian The mother and her son :iconsaltvenian:Saltvenian 16 4



So... I'm getting a new deviant art account.
1. I'm in groups and following people that I am no longer interested in.
2. I am thinking about a fresh start...

If you want my new account, comment or message me (although there won't be very many people who ask).
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